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Start Building a Better CDP for Free With RudderStack Cloud Free

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This post was originally published on RudderStack's blog. I wrote this as part of a product launch for RudderStack Cloud Free, their free tier.

Today, we launched RudderStack Cloud Free, a no time limit, no credit card required, completely free tier of RudderStack Cloud. The driving force behind this is simple: we want you to try RudderStack, and RudderStack Cloud Free makes it easier than ever to do that. You receive the same great experience you get with RudderStack Cloud Pro, with the only limitation being a cap of 500,000 events per month (that’s roughly 10,000 monthly active users for most sites and apps). We are confident that if you try RudderStack, you will find value in it and love it.

RudderStack’s Warehouse-First Approach is Better Than Other CDPs

The whole point of your customer data platform (CDP) is to eliminate the customer data silos that are invariably created through your company’s use of a variety of common, popular marketing, sales, and product technologies. Every CDP claims to do this, and modern CDPs, like Segment, actually do this well, but they all have one glaring flaw in their approach. They create another customer data silo, because they store your data. That means you have a third-party data warehouse for your customer data in addition to your own data warehouse, where you store all of your historical data… including another copy of your customer data.

RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach fixes this flaw.

RudderStack does not persist any of your customer data. RudderStack builds your CDP on your data warehouse, with support for cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. No more paying your CDP vendor a premium to store your data. No more concerns about whether your CDP vendor is keeping your customer data private and secure. No more crossing your fingers and hoping the BI, ML, or AI tools you already use and love work with your CDP. No more reliance on your CDPs black box for complex functions like identity stitching.

RudderStack is Built for Developers

The team that owns your data warehouse and data infrastructure should own your customer data stack too. At pretty much every company, that team primarily consists of developers. So we built RudderStack to be easy to use for devs.

RudderStack’s features are built API-first, so they can easily fit into your existing development processes. It offers 11 SDKs in addition to source integrations with popular cloud-based customer tools including Looker and, so you can instrument and start ingesting customer data from all of your digital touchpoints. RudderStack also offers connections to over 60 destinations, so you can route your customer data to all of the systems that need it – including popular event-streaming platforms like Apache Kafka, data warehouses like Snowflake, cloud tools like Amplitude, AppsFlyer, and many more.

RudderStack is fully compatible with Segment’s API too. So, if you have already instrumented your digital touchpoints with Segment, you don’t have to go through the toil of reinstrumenting with RudderStack. Just update the configuration on your Segment SDKs and you’re done.

RudderStack is also open source (visit RudderStack on GitHub). So if you ever need to augment or modify your RudderStack, you can, and then, hopefully, you’ll contribute that back to the project, so others benefit from your work too.

Start Building a Better CDP With RudderStack

Start building a better, warehouse-first CDP that delivers complete, unified data to every part of your marketing and analytics stack. Sign up for RudderStack Cloud Free today.

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